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PopoloCrois (PN): From the Italian word "popolo" (people) and the French word "croisé" (crossing), but pronounced phonetically (PO-po-lo-croyce).
Refers to a fantastical kingdom of magic and knights, watched over by humans, dragons and fairies alike, where even a mad scientist who's built giant robots and tried to take over the world by force can be forgiven and counted among one's most valuable friends in the end. Presently presided over by a human king named Paulo, with his half-dragon son, Pietro, next in line for the throne.

Prince Pietro has repeatedly saved the kingdom from disaster already with the help of his friends, and is regarded by his people as a symbol of pride for all the land. So naturally, when his 13th birthday comes around, the entire town is overjoyed, gathering at the castle for the biggest party anyone's seen in years.

Not all the attendees are local, however: a certain Lady Marmela has come a long way to join the festivities, serving as ambassador to a distant country called Galariland and bearing more than just birthday wishes. PopoloCrois has recently been plagued by creatures known as "black beasts," capable of poisoning the soil so thoroughly that nothing can ever grow within it again. Concerned for the future of the kingdom, His Majesty sent for Lady Marmela as a consultant, her own country recently having been afflicted by the same dastardly monsters.

According to Lady Marmela, there is indeed a way to combat these fiends, but it involves the mastery of a very specific technique that only the pure of heart can learn. Much to the chagrin of his father, Prince Pietro is chosen as the one who must be sent to Galariland by way of a magical "transport circle" to study this spell – an adventure to which he readily agrees, eager both to explore a new land and to help the people he holds dear.

Unfortunately, interference during transport finds Prince Pietro stuck in Galariland with no way home and no way to contact anyone he knows. Forced to take up residence on an abandoned farm in the middle of a famine-stricken region still under the rule of black beasts, he must befriend the locals, revive the dying land and work alongside fairies and other mystical creatures to try and re-establish contact with the local earth deity, Lady Galariel. Only with her power might he be able to return home to PopoloCrois.

The journey will be a long and arduous one, however, as the four season-themed regions of Galariland are each afflicted by their own unique problems – not the least of which includes the total corruption of the soil. Prince Pietro's skills as an adventurer and farmer alike will be put to the ultimate test as he traverses the land and sets it free, one vegetable and one darkened heart at a time…